We had our house flood with sewage when the lift pump in our septic went out. We started out with Taylor’s Restorations. They did the water mitigation, but dropped the ball and dragged their feet on the rebuild. They stopped working and after a week we called to see what the holdup was and we were told they didn’t think we were going to do the rebuild on the house. It was crazy because they didn’t even finish the demo work on the floor or water mitigation! So we fired them and had Chase Edstrom come to finish what Taylors had started.

We were pleasantly surprised from the start. On the first day, they completed all of the demo work (Taylor’s had done about 25% and taken over a week to do). The second day they had taken out all the drywall in the bathroom fixed an exhaust fan issue I have had since the house was built and had all the drywall back up. Worked was top notch and fast!!!

They went over what we expected from them and are very very satisfied with the work. The rebuild did go a little bit slower, but that was mainly due to the insurance company figuring everything out since we had to fire Taylors and they wanted to verify some estimates. But once we got everything worked out the work was completed in a timely and professional manner. In Fairbanks where quality, timely and professional construction companies can be hard to come by, Chase has risen highly above the norm.

I highly recommend Chase Edstrom for any construction project. I will surely be using them for future projects!! I was not paid or given any payment or discount for this review. I normally rely on reviews to find quality companies and know how hard it can be to find a good contractor.