Our second-floor room over a two car garage had an unsupported beam that was starting to bow in the middle. Chase made several visits to consult at our house where we verified the beam appeared to be improperly braced and sagging approximately 1 1/2 inches. He came up with several ideas, then brought out a structural engineer to verify the solution was appropriate. After pricing several options, we arrived at a solution that fit my needs and budget. Within 3-4 days, his crew removed and replaced ceramic floor tiles, jacked the beam, and installed an additional support column.

The column was wired per my request and painted and textured to match the room. Two years have passed and the work has held nicely. The only difficulty with the entire project was the electrician showing up a day late, which really was not a problem. I am pleased with the attention he gave to investigating and solving our problem as well as the quality and timeliness of his work. I would recommend him house remodel / renovation projects.